‘The Gathering Church’ Moves to New Place

‘The Gathering Church’ Moves to New Place

Next Sunday,May 3, The Gathering Church will gather at a new location:  United Church of Chapel Hill, 1321 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.  The pastors at United, Jill and Rick Edens have been very gracious, inviting us into their beautufil facility.  Our meeting time and format will remain the same – 5-7 pm,  worship, prayer, planning, small group discussion followed by a pot luck.

We are still in the process of gathering people who want to launch a new church in the Chapel Hil/Durham area.  Each week others come and contribute right away with their insights, hopes and dreams.

Last night we discussed the question, “What would we like to be most true of this church?”  Some great things were identified, but most centered around an ability to welcome, connect and love people, from wherever they are starting in their spiritual life.  It was impressive to me how the theme of loving people incredibly well, with great intention and great openness kept coming up.  It was clear, too, that we can only love like that if we have a deep experience with Christ, loving as he did, and a deep experience with the leadership of God’s Spirit.

Afterwards, it was interesting to meet someone new who said that he was trying to figure out his faith.  He seemed to feel welcomed.

It occurred to me later that the things that we want to be as  a church are the things that  we are already experiencing, the things that are already drawing us together – a sense of belonging and a great sense of participating in the love of Christ, extending his love to others.

No wonder it’s so great to be together – so great to gather.

Yes, that’s why we want to call ourselves The Gathering Church.  More about that later this week.

What are qualiites that you think a new church must have?