Teach Us to Pray (Mt 6:5-15)

Teach Us to Pray (Mt 6:5-15)

Weeks like this week make it hard to pray.

Perhaps I should be more specific, because in some sense prayer comes easiest in times of despair, lament, turmoil, and grief.

The specific thing that’s hard to pray on a week that you get more details about tragedy in a church family’s life while en route to a funeral are the words that Jesus teaches us:

“Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

They’re hard to pray because, right now, this doesn’t look or feel anything like heaven.  God’s will seems weak or maybe even mean if these two resemble each other right now.

In the midst of this though, it is striking that this may be the only hope we have, the only words we can or should say.  The only cry in our hearts, groan in our spirits, ache in our bones is that earth have heaven come down.  That a new heaven and a new earth hurry up and get here.  That that kingdom, power, and glory rain on this sad parade.

Lord, teach us to pray.  Spirit, give words to our groans.  Father, be hear us in your mercy. Amen.