Spring-Survey-InfographicSurvey Findings

When and to whom was the survey offered?

  • March 2-16, 2014 (2 weeks & 3 Sundays)
  • Open to anyone attending the Gathering Church

What were the goals?

  • Understand the hopes/dreams/desires for our church.
  • Understand the underlying currents/themes within our church.
  • Grow closer and more effective through mutual participation and understanding.
  • Celebrate five years of God working in and through our church.

What did it ask?

  • Share joys/compliments
  • Share challenges/feedback
  • Reflect on our visions and ministries:
    • Present (Worship)
    • Connected (Inreach)
    • Engaged (Outreach)
  • Reflect on leadership and communication
  • Reflect on facilities
  • Reflect on ourselves as individuals
  • Share hopes, dreams, and ideas for the future of our church.

Who participated?

  • 47 people (who also represented 33 kids)
    • ~80 people represented
    • Roughly ⅓ of the church
    • They’ve been involved:
      • 11% 1 year or less
      • 34% 1-4 years
      • 55% 4 or more years
      • They live in:
        • 58% Durham (& Cary)
        • 35% Chapel Hill (& Chatham County)
        • 7% Hillsborough
        • 96% of respondents have been Christian for 10+ years

Some general statistics:

  • Our Mission Statement Rated:
    • 7.9/10 Present (Worship)
      • Personal “presence” (prayer/study/worship) rated 6.9/10.
  • 7.9/10 Connected (Inreach)
  • 6.1/10 Engaged (Outreach)
  • Question Ratings
  1. How much can you be yourself here? 8.6/10
  2. How well do you feel loved here? 8.3/10
  3. Do you have meaningful relationships here? 8.1/10
  4. Do you experience God through our corporate worship? 7.9/10
  5. Does the church provide good opportunities for you to meet and know others? 7.6/10
  6. How involved/included do you feel here? 7.1/10
  7. Do you have regular private time with God through study, prayer and worship? 6.9/10
  8. How well are you loving others? 6.8/10
  9. Do you know how to genuinely share your faith and invite others to follow Christ? 6.8/10
  10. Understanding/clarity of the vision for the purchase/use of a permanent facility? 6.6/10
  11. How well do you feel we’re being engaged in loving the world? 6.4/10
  12. How well do you think our facilities support our purposes and experiences? 6.0/10
  13. Do you think the church makes a significant impact in the local community? 5.8/10
  • Trending Topics (15 most mentioned topics in order, doesn’t reflect whether comments were positive or constructive)
  1. Mustard Seed 21
  2. Music 19
  3. Potluck 19
  4. Teaching 16
  5. Local/Community Involvement 14
  6. Children & Youth 13
  7. Connection to Non-Christians 13
  8. Diversity 13
  9. Home Groups 13
  10. Communion 11
  11. Facilities 10
  12. Prayer 10
  13. Spiritual Formation  8
  14. World Involvement  8
  15. Justice & Advocacy  6

Findings, Dreams, and Areas of Focus & Action

  • Engagement: A desire for more and better outward focus, going beyond ourselves and outside of our walls.
    • Better engagement with our community, more rootedness in our local context, and more immersion in advocacy concerning systemic justice issues (local and worldwide).
    • This starts with more collective awareness/conversation, more teachings/challenge in these areas, and more personal commitment from individuals. It also involves serious exploration of how we can use our talents, resources, and connections to the best of our abilities.
    • Through this we would hope for:
      • Ourselves and others to experience healing via God’s love.
      • Growth in both evangelism and service.
      • The blessings that come through diversity and learning.
      • More non-Christians to find our church and our activities safe places to explore meaning and God’s love/promises, and to feel unconditional love.
  • Connection: A desire to connect more meaningfully with each other, going beyond Sunday morning.
    • More opportunities and support outside of Sunday services, a growing closeness to each other and to God.
    • This starts with more opportunities, better communication, and more personal commitment from individuals.
      • Spiritual formation and mentorship pertains to this area
    • Desires wrapped up in this are stronger relationships, more personal life support, spiritual growth/conviction, and evolving development for our maturing youth.

Many other dreams and ideas were shared, but those are the top ones. This additional feedback/detail is being shared with the ministry teams. You’ll also learn/hear more in the coming months.

Brainstorming sessions will be announced during May 2014. These sessions will call together individuals interested in conversations around Engagement and Connection and the church’s next steps.

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