Special Summer Sunday.

Special Summer Sunday.

This Sunday, June 6, the Gathering Church will gather out at Camp Chestnut Ridge for a special outdoor service and beginning-of-summer celebration. (Nothing at Creekside this Sunday!)


We start at 10:30 with a service beside the lake, followed by the first baptisms of the church’s history, lunch in the camp dining hall and then some fun, hanging-out-activities.  Camp Chestnut Ridge is a great place to enjoy the outdoors.  Your blood pressure will drop as soon as you step out of your car.  I was out there the other day and just wanted to sit, breathe and take it all in.


There will be swimming (pool), kids’ activities, volleyball, and just plain hanging out with each other until about 3:00.  Bring a lawn chair or two for the afternoon.


Here's a schedule of activities:

10:30   Worship Service, Lakeside Chapel

11:45   Baptisms

12:30   Lunch  [On-site Food (bring $5 per person or $10 per family).]

1:00   Swimming, Kids’ Activities

1:30   Volleyball, Hiking, Fun

3:00   Depart


A church that enjoys God’s awesome creation, and enjoys having fun together learns how to love and be loved.  Invite some friends to join you.  (In case of rain we will still meet there in the outdoor pavilion.)  See you there.


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