Sometimes I Forget

Sometimes I Forget

I have to admit that sometimes I forget the most basic things about the Christian Faith.  Thinking about Easter coming up at the end of this week reminds me that Christianity is about one thing – Christ.  Not just believing the right things about him, but living in an experience with him.

Yet, also during this week I am reminded about how odd it is that anyone still talks about Jesus.  I mean, of all the possible belief systems floating around the Roman Empire during the first century, the one that sticks is based on this poor man from Galilee.  There’s no way that the Christ-following movement should have survived its own day.

Sure, looking at other world religions it’s not unusual that the founder is still remembered.  Moses is still important to Judaism, Muhammad to Islam, Buddha to Buddhism.  But, if Christianity was still localized mostly to the Mediterranean world, especially to Palestine, that would make more sense.  How did it spread like it did?  Why is it still spreading?

Because people still say that Jesus changes lives.  That he is alive and still at work in the world.  Hmmm.

When I look back at my own life, it’s pretty easy to see how he has changed my life.  In faith and love towards others I’m not nearly what I should be, but I’m not what I was.  And, then it occurs to me that the work of Jesus isn’t meant to be past tense.  It has a potential to be ongoing.  It certainly has a need to be ongoing.

When I realize that I still need the work of Christ today, I dust off my faith, get back to basics, and say, “Jesus, lead me today.  Work in and through my life today.”

Suddenly, things aren’t so complicated.

What do you need to remember about Christ this week?