Second-hand Stress

Second-hand Stress

Did you hear the news this week?     Stress is contagious.

You can pick it up from others. And it can be harmful to your health. Almost all stress is about control.

What do I do to control my circumstances? What possible control can I have? What is beyond my control? Who’s in charge? When it comes to God how do we understand life when it all seems out of control? Or worse, controlled by the wrong forces?

The first Christians had some incredible experiences with God when the first church started, as described in the New Testament Book of Acts. But, they faced some enormous dangers, moments when it looked like evil would win. Moments when they became powerless.

This Sunday at the Gathering Church we will look at one of those moments in Acts 12. One apostle has been executed by King Herod. Peter is now under arrest and is one sunrise away from his own execution.

Herod is in control.

When have you most needed to know that God was in control? Have you ever been surprised to discover that God was really in control? What about when disaster actually happens?