Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost

Most of us have a Frustration Gauge and a Gratitude Gauge on our Personal-Life Dashboard.  Or perhaps they are the same gauge since they are usually mutually exclusive experiences.

Frustration crowds out Gratitude.  Gratitude elevates us above Frustration.  One overheats and stresses our engine.  The other fills our tank.

But why do we have both?

This Sunday at the Gathering Church the series, Beginnings Matter, a study of the first chapters of Genesis, continues with Genesis 3:14-24.  Adam and Eve have eaten the deadly fruit and are banished from the Garden.

What was perfect has now become cursed.  Everything that started as good is now infected.  There is now a virus in human experiences.

Understanding the principles of this passage helps us to be wise and not fearful, hopeful but not unrealistic, bold but not blind-sided.

Richella Parham will be teaching us this Sunday. A teacher, writer, speaker, and blogger, Richella, and her husband Jack, were among the founding members of The Gathering Church and Richella served for three years on the Leadership Team.  Richella is Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees of Renovaré, a ministry dedicated to Christian spiritual formation, and serves as an active member of Renovaré’s Ministry Team. She is the author of A Spiritual Formation Primer, published by Renovaré and blogs regularly at She speaks at conferences and events around the country so we are glad to have her speak here, in her own church.