Palm Sunday This Week

Palm Sunday This Week

Palm Sunday . . . . .  a lesson in crowds.


Years ago Libby and I volunteered to work at the U.S. Open golf tournament in Pinehurst.  She was a host in the dining room for the players and their families.  I was a grandstand marshal at different greens all week.  I held up my hands to silent the crowd when the golfers were putting.  Such power.


My first assignment was during a practice round and there was a steady flow of spectators through the morning.  But, then I noticed a moving swell of people along the fairways on the holes before mine.  There was a wave heading our way.  Something was happening.


Tiger was coming.


This was during the time when Tiger Woods was known only as the best golfer in the world.  Our grandstand hit capacity a hole or two before he even showed up.  His presence produced crowds.


That is exactly what happened when Jesus showed up to enter Jerusalem for the annual Passover Feast.  People had been looking for him, wondering if he was coming.


This Sunday we will look at the account of Jesus’ Triumphal Entry in John 12:12-26.


How will Jesus respond to this acclamation?  It seems like the perfect conclusion of a successful ministry campaign.


You can tell a lot about a person from what they do with success.  Or, what would look like success to most of us.


On the crest of this wave of acclamation Jesus reveals the most essential principle of how to live.  And, as usual, it is only totally different from what we would think.


We will have a great celebration this Palm Sunday to begin Holy Week.  But, Jesus will define it for us.


Can’t wait.