Of Work and Worship

Of Work and Worship

This Sunday there will be a special guest speaker, one of our own, Krupa Stephen Gadde, or ‘Steeve’ as we know him.

Recently Steeve was a speaker on the program with Os Guinness and his mentor, Ravi Zacharias at their Summer Institute: “Light Shines in the Darkness,” where he did a presentation about work and how it relates to a life of worship.

It is often a challenge to understand how our jobs can express the values of a new life with Christ. In the continuing message series, Free for Freedom: Removing Roadblocks to Life with God, Steeve will help us understand once again how a potential roadblock to spiritual life can actually become the springboard for a renewed sense of God’s purpose and pleasure.

Steeve is from India and although he was born into a Christian family he early rejected that faith and experimented with several other religions before renewing a commitment to Christ. He was trained as an electrical engineer at Andhra University and received a Masters in Philosophy and Mathematics from Oxford University. He currently works as a systems architect for cloud computing at EMC2.

In India he co-founded God@Work and the India Arts Movement. This past year he has taught a course on Christian apologetics at the Gathering Church. Steeve is a frequent speaker to conferences in the U.S. on a variety of topics and combines a robust intellectual integrity with a life-changing faith.

This Sunday reset how you experience your job.