Oak Creek Village Fire Follow-up

Oak Creek Village Fire Follow-up

The response to the fire and the relief for the 16+ families involved has been overwhelming.  All Saints Church has been amazing in coordinating goods and supplies.  God has truly been faithful in spurring his people to be generous and compassionate.

Now what’s next?

Here is “Phase 2” as described by Thomas Kortus:

Phase two involves setting up partners with each household affected by the fire. These partners will covenant to walk with the displaced households over the next three weeks in order to pray with them personally in their homes, see what they still need, assess financial need, and help them to access available services. All the residents have moved, but some in are greater need than others. We have many folks in the community who are making furniture available, but we need to know what each household still needs and we also need to work out the logistics to get the available furniture to them. Many of the households are only Spanish speaking, but not all.

Would you be willing to be a relief partner? 
Would your home group take on this important role for the next three weeks? 
This commitment needs rapid response.  These partners will help us determine how to distribute the $18K to victims. It is also my prayer that these partners will have an opportunity to pray for and share their faith in Jesus with those they are walking with in the midst of this tragedy.
If you can do this, contact Chris Breslin and he’ll put you in contact with the efforts of ASC.