Oak Church Begins

Oak Church Begins

This Sunday the Gathering Church will officially launch a new congregation, sending out a Core Team to begin Oak Church in the Lakewood Community of Durham.

In June, Yates Baptist Association and members of Lakewood Baptist Church approached us with the opportunity of beginning a ministry at their historic site.  The Leadership Team of GC made the decision to begin a new work there under the leadership of Associate Pastor, Chris Breslin.  A Core Team took shape in July and has been preparing to begin Sunday morning services on September 21.

Church planting has been a part of the long-term plan for the Gathering Church, but this immediate need and opportunity prompted a response of faith and action.

Sending Chris, Rachel, and others to a new work is a bittersweet experience, full of loss and hope.  But the best decisions churches make are never for themselves, but for the sake of those they hope to serve.  We are excited about a new generation loving and serving the Lakewood community.

It will be a special Sunday.