Not Just “Un-trapped”

Not Just “Un-trapped”

What roadblocks do you run into when it comes to having a closer relationship with God?

That’s the question I asked through by email to a couple hundred people in the church.

I received many responses and was impressed with the self-awareness and hope expressed by people who want to experience more of God.

The shortest responses?  Sexual desires.

This Sunday at the Gathering Church, we continue the series, Free for Freedom: Removing Road bocks from Life with God. The passage of the week will be 1 Corinthians 6:12-20.

We live in a sexually-charged culture. Sex not only sells but it makes news daily. Currently at least three notable politicians are attempting comebacks after getting caught doing dumb things because of their sexual passions.

The churches of the 1st century were born into a sexual-charged culture. Different expressions, but the same drive for pleasure, meaning, and intimacy.

We must also admit that the churches of the 21st century might still be living in the Victorian Age – no voice to the issues, just condemnation, judgment and guilt.

The apostle Paul, responding to a sexual crisis in Corinth, says some pretty amazing things about sex. As usual he reveals that God’s plan is not merely to get us un-trapped from things that hurt us. His vision for our lives is always much bigger than that. He wants to restore a glory to every area in our lives.

Even our sexual passions?

Should be fun this Sunday.