New Church Develops

New Church Develops

Mark Acuff

I am excited to be meeting with a great group that wants to start a church that will focus on loving people incredibly well, as Jesus did, especially those who would seem far from God.  ‘Seem’ is the operative word because the Gospels teach us that many who seemed far from the kingdom were entering it like crazy.  We expect that our lives will be transformed as we follow Christ into the lives of others.

Well, here are some details about what’s happening.  We are just now taking shape – a great time to get involved.

Where:  Chapel Hill/Durham   Currently gathering at a home at 2701 Bridgeton Place, Chapel Hill

When:  Sunday Nights, 5-7

Why?  Check out What We Want to Be About in Vision Category

Easter:  8:00 am outdoor service at the Aqueduct Retreat Center, 1620 Mount Carmel Church Road, Chapel Hill.  Light breakfast  provided.