Never Meant to Live in Little Stories

Never Meant to Live in Little Stories

When have you known that you are part of a bigger story than you realized?

Perhaps you knew it when you were going through some kind of major life change. I remember when my wife, Libby found out she was pregnant for the first time. Marriage had already put me in a bigger story, but learning that we were going to be parents was, of course, momentous.

What if you were part of the biggest Story of all?

What if you are part of the story that begins with Abraham, Joseph and goes on to Moses, David and Solomon?

What if you are part of Jesus’ story?

This Sunday at the Gathering Church, we will see an example of someone who knew what story he was in. As our message series, Living in God’s Story, continues we will look at Acts 6:8-8:3.

Stephen, one of the first to believe the message about Jesus, becomes the first to lose his life because of his faith. But, he had actually found his life in another story.

You and I were never meant to live in little stories. If we do, we waste our lives and trap those around us into our own little stories.

We’ll look to Stephen to teach us about God’s story this Sunday.