“Let’s Have Christ Our President”

“Let’s Have Christ Our President”

This is the chorus from a Woody Guthrie tune that got reworked a few years back by some musicians (guys from Wilco, Son Volt, and Billy Bragg…).  Guthrie lived in another time, to be sure: the romantic time of “this land is your land, this land is my land.”  But also the conflicted time of the Red Scare and a clash of supposed communists versus supposed fascists.  American political polarization that might even rival our current climate!

It’s into our current climate and into the doubtless displeasure that this coming week’s election will mean for approximately fifty percent of our great nation that we’ll put the rubber to the road.  Over the past eight weeks we’ve studied Paul’s letter to the Philippians, this week we’ll use some of the things we’ve learned and open up a case study in how we’re to approach politics as the Church.

How do we negotiate our Citizenship in heaven (Phil 3) with our responsibility as American citizens?

What might it mean for us to have the mind of Christ (Phil 2) when it comes to politics?

Politics make me incredibly anxious.  How am I to find peace (Phil 3) in the middle of all this tumult?

Can we be content in a world of division?  Can we find contentment (Phil 3) with __________ leading our nation?

What does it mean to live a life “worthy of the gospel” (Phil 1) on Nov 7th?

My goal is to have everyone, regardless of your political leanings (or “a-politicalness”!), challenged, provoked, and encouraged.  I’m so thankful for the gift of worshiping in a community of people who think differently when it comes to politics.  The Gathering Church is remarkable in that each week people from all points on the political spectrum gather together to worship the King of Kings and Lord of Lords together.

This Sunday, we’ll continue to share this communion at the table: both the Lord’s Supper and our regular potluck meal.  Even more special is the opportunity to celebrate this in connection with over 700 other churches around the country who are pledging their allegiance to Jesus and signifying their unity as His Body by eating his body and blood.