Joy and Work

Joy and Work

Monks doing data entry.

That’s what the news story was about.  Years ago an innovative manager in a computer company arranged for the monks at a nearby monastery to do all the data entry for the company.  It was a little funny to see the robed monks at their keyboards punching away.

As the manager described what good employees the monks were he summed it up by saying, “They see the work of their hands as sacred.” 

This Sunday at the Gathering Church the Serious Joy message series continues on “Joy at Work.”  Is it possible to increase our capacity to experience and express joy at work?  A passage in the Bible written to Slaves and Maters will guide us: Colossians 3:22-4:1.

Let’s face it, work is often the last place we experience joy – except when it is over.  There’s too much pressure, too much scrutiny, not enough appreciation.  Bosses who don’t understand us, employees who have not bought in.  The same thing is often true for stay-at-home parents as well.

When Jesus Christ connects with our lives he leaves nothing untouched, including our jobs.  How might he change what happens Monday through Friday?