Guest Post from Jon Acuff

Guest Post from Jon Acuff

This weekend at the Gathering Church

I tend to write in list format. I'd like to think that means I'm young and relevant and maybe postmodern too, people seem to say that a lot, but I think it just means that I have a short attention span. Or I'm not good at metanarratives. It's probably a combination of the two, so when my dad asked me to write a short piece about what I'd be speaking on at the Gathering Church this weekend, I really felt like a list would express it best. 

So here are a few things you can expect if you come see me, Jonathan Acuff, speak this weekend:

1. 3 lies that wreck our understanding of God.

2. A story about me getting caught shoplifting. 

3. A story about a snake epidemic wrecking Florida.

4. Booty, God, booty.

5. Free buttons that say, "Booty, God, Booty."

6. How to execute a well timed "prayer shot block."

7. The meaning of DVS and what it means for you.

8. The problem with skee-ball

9. The four word gospel. 

10. At least one reference to P90X, the Wu Tang Clan and 5 Hour Energy Drink.

11. The reality of who Jesus came for. 

That kind of feels like a seven hour sermon when you write it out that way, but I promise it won't be. 

I am deeply honored to speak with ya'll this weekend and can't wait to be a part of what God is doing there.


See you soon.

Jonathan Acuff

Twitter: @prodigaljohn
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