Growing Friendships on Purpose

Growing Friendships on Purpose

Flipping through TV channels, I’m always glad when the Shawshank Redemption is being shown on cable.  It’s hard to believe that that movie is twenty years old already.

I usually don’t stop and watch the whole thing, but will often double back to see if it’s at a favorite scenes, like when Red has been released on parole and has managed to find his way to the foot of an oak tree along a stone wall and is reading the letter from Andy.

What a celebration of friendship.

You and I were created to deeply care for someone else, a friend or a group of friends. How many movies can you name that show great friendships?

Like The Sandlot. Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday in Tombstone.

What friendships are you growing on purpose?

What’s your capacity for friendship, anyway?

This Sunday at the Gathering Church, we will do a little bit of inventory and vision-setting about relationships with others.  Psalm 133 and Colossians 3:1-17 will be our guides.

Who ignites a passion in you for good things?

How does Christ create life-giving relationships with us?

Who are you going to enjoy this Sunday?

Who is waiting to be enjoyed by you?