Great Day!

Great Day!

Sunday was a great day out at Camp Chestnut Ridge!  An outdoor chapel setting under the trees, overlooking the lake was only perfect.  And the breeze felt great as we worshipped.

We had our first baptisms as a church, and I don’t think that there was a dry eye among us as those who were going to be baptized spoke about their experience with God.  For instance, one person said that he first came to the church because he thought it would be good for his kid, but then he discovered that it was good for him as well.  “I’m getting baptized because I have chosen to follow this road with Christ.”

We all felt a sense of privilege to see what God is doing in the lives of others as we ourselves continue to be shaped by his grace.

Then it was great to hang out with each other, enjoying the pool and the camp.  We have discovered a new place for us to gather, and people were already asking about when we would do it again.

I am often reminded that the pace of our lives does not allow us to be human in having a meaningful relationship with God and one another.  Yesterday, we did something different enough to actually breathe in God’s blessings in creation and in people.

Thanks, Lord.

If you managed to snap some photos of the day,

send them in so we can post them!