Have you ever seen someone for the last time and you knew it was going to be the last time?

Maybe they were moving.  Or maybe you were the one moving, going off to college or graduate school.

Or maybe someone you loved was terminally ill.

You never forget those moments.

Last moments produce an intense clarity about life and purpose.  It is not unusual for that clarity to also prompt this regret:

“I wish I had lived with more purpose and passion about what mattered most.”

This Sunday at the Gathering Church we encounter an example of a life lived with passion and purpose.  The Apostle Paul says farewell to some of his closest friends in Acts 20:13-38.  He expects to never see them again.  These last moments cause him to review the guiding passions of his life.

Is it really possible to live with more passion and purpose?

Is it really possible to live more for things that really matter?

Summer is a good time to come up for air and check our focus and passion.

Do it this Sunday.