Find a Group

Find a Group

Start a Group.  Build a Group.  Find a Group.

The Gathering Church is beginning to gather in groups.  Smaller groups than what we experience on Sunday. 

Groups where three things can happen;

  1. Friendships
  1. Spiritual Growth
  1. Service

We want to learn how to love people incredibly well, as Jesus did.  So, first we have to be loved well, known and enjoyed.  And that means groups.   Groups that come together around budding friendships, affinities, interests and needs.  All sorts of groups.

Over the holidays I learned a lesson about groups.  My son, Will, invited me to go mountain-bike riding with his friend, Matt, and Matt’s friend, Tom.  Now, Matt and Tom are into mountain-bikes.  They actually make them and they are serious riders.  I go out by myself from time to time.  These guys could have run Will and me into the ground with their experience, but they were more interested in us having a good time.  I learned a lot riding with these guys.  For instance, before, when I would come to a small log I would just simply use all of my power to launch my front tire into the air and over the log.  A crash on the other side was usually the outcome.  Matt taught me how to carefully get my front tire on top of the log and then lift the rear of the bike as I continued over, smoothly and with control.  And it worked.  I attempted more, kept at it longer, and gained greater confidence, for no other reason than that I was with them. I was part of a group.

So, start a group or find a group.  Just figure out with whom, when and where.  And then, have fun learning how to enjoy God, enjoy others and grow.  

 Click here to see a list of groups that are forming.