“Experience Reality” Prayer Vigil

“Experience Reality” Prayer Vigil

Link to Experience Reality GoogleDoc.

People can sign up for an hour to pray over the people and happenings at camp, which will include 40+ students from Reality's After School program. They're currently in the mountains near Swananoa, NC. Here is a short blurb that Jeff McSwain wrote in a recent Reality Newsletter:

"It’s hard to beat corporate worship when it comes to experiencing the reality of God’s Kingdom –  we are reminded of how connected we are to the Vine and to one another.  Maybe that’s why our week of Experience Reality Camp in the mountains is so rich in life and truth; Christ’s love pulsates through the branches and nourishes us with faith.

I believe this week of camp is one of the most valuable things we can do to fortify our young friends with the hope of Christ in a way that informs all that they will face in this broken world.

If students can leave camp with the deep assurance that they are secure in the Good Shepherd’s arms, and that even if they walk through the valley of the shadow of death, He is with them,  then they will learn that “going where the love is” is as easy as talking to Who Love Is. This will be a big step in what we hope will be a life-long walk of transformation in Christ."

If you have any questions regarding the spreadsheet, contact Meredith Cochran.