Experience is Everything

Experience is Everything

As a New England Patriots fan for over thirty years I have to recognize how awesome Peyton Manning is.

Football fans are watching the stuff of legends.

I heard Bill Parcells being interviewed about the upcoming Super Bowl. He said that what makes Manning so hard to stop is his experience. Sure he has talent, skill, incredible football intelligence, and an amazing determination, but a key problem for defenses is that it is unlikely that they can do anything that Manning hasn’t seen, has not already faced.

There is never a substitute for experience.

When it comes to God it is easy to have more knowledge, information, and belief than it is to have experience.

At the Gathering Church this Sunday, we pick up a focus started in the fall: Living in God’s Story, a study of Acts. For an overview I will look at one verse, Acts 6:7.

What happens when people experience God?

How can a person know that they are living a story bigger than their own?

Dive in with those who first experienced God’s Story in Jesus Christ.