Apologetics Course

This group, led by Steeve Gadde & Jake McDowell meets every 2nd and 4th Monday evening at Extraordinary Ventures from 8pm-9:30pm.  Below is a description:

The great commission commands us to make disciples for Christ.  Accepting Jesus is the first step to become a disciple. The onus is on us to spread the word of God and share the Gospel like how the early Christians did. We can communicate and share the Gospel only if we know what we believe and why we believe. In the postmodern world, with multiple worldviews, it has become extremely difficult to share the Christian Truth to those who don’t believe in it.  To enhance and be equipped in this area, we are going to study “Uniqueness of Christ and Christianity, Comparative religions (Christianity and other religions)” in Apologetics class. We believe that Apologetics is key for personal evangelism in this postmodern era. We also believe that Apologetics will enhance our devotion and personal spiritual walk with our Lord.

The purpose of Apologetics is:

1. Worship with joy

2. Live with confidence

3. Witness with comfort