Engaged in Loving the World


We want to be a part of the flourishing available for the people, places, and things around us. As Resurrection People, we want to be actively involved in the Holy Spirit’s work of breathing new life into God’s world.

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Global Partnerships

Mustard Seed Grants

What is a Mustard Seed Grant?

The Gathering Church Mustard Seed Grants Program is designed to strengthen and sustain projects that help to further embody the Gathering Church vision both locally and internationally. It is our hope that affirming the initiative of these ideas will share the joy, love, blessing, and renewal that our community experiences with those not connected to our congregation.

Made possible through the generous giving of the congregation, these grants are intended to stimulate thoughtful and enthusiastic service that will result in our increased capacity to engage the world around us.

Who can apply?

Any group, family, or individual affiliated with the Gathering Church, including children under eighteen with the co-application of an adult eighteen or older.

Grants can be awarded to existing nonprofit organizations, if directed to a specific project or intention.

What are the considerations for funding?

Projects selected will articulate creative alignment with Gathering Church vision statements.  We will accept grant applications on an ongoing basis and will be reviewed monthly.

Download the grant application packet here.

Anyone interested in participating on the team or with an inquiry into the grant process, please email Nathan Brunson.

He continued, “What’s a good image for God’s kingdom? What parable can I use to explain it?  Consider a mustard seed. When scattered on the ground, it’s the smallest of all the seeds on the earth; but when it’s planted, it grows and becomes the largest of all vegetable plants. It produces such large branches that the birds in the sky are able to nest in its shade.” –Mark 4:30-32 CEB