Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday

I’m still surprised every Easter.

It still occurs to me how odd it is.

That two thousand years later we would still be talking about Jesus of Nazareth.

I know that people still talk about and follow the teachings of founders of other world religions, but no other notable figure died such a shameful death so early in his career.

Why does the news of Jesus continue to go to new generations, to jump to other cultures? Why will people from so many different countries, languages and ethnic groups be celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ this Sunday?

Because the power that raised Jesus from the dead is still at work raising to life anyone who receives the good message.

We celebrate Easter at the Gathering Church this Sunday by looking at Ephesians 2:1-10. The writer, Paul tells people who had not been with Jesus, who had not witnessed his resurrection that God has “made them alive.”

How does the resurrection of Jesus matter to our lives today? How does God work to do good things in our lives? Why was the resurrection of Jesus just the beginning?

He is risen.

Celebrate Easter this Sunday.