Christmas Eve and This Sunday

Christmas Eve and This Sunday

Thursday night at 6:00 pm the Gathering Church will host its first Christmas Eve service.  The cafeteria at Creekside will become a special and sacred space as candles of those gathered lite it up.

I can’t wait.

The final countdown to Christmas is on.  You probably feel swamped with everything yet to get done.  Family arriving, the house to get its final clean up before chaos breaks out, the last minute gifts to buy and get wrapped, the last work responsibilities to get done.  Crazy busy, huh.

But, then a moment in a service to sit down, to breathe, to listen to the story, to sing the songs that connect you to years of celebration.

And then you sense it, the presence of God.  The realization that God loves the world he made.  That God blessed the world with Christ.  That God might still be at work, blessing, surprising, catching up to crazy busy people

Join us this Christmas Eve. 

Other Details:

  • We will take up an offering for an organization that is serving others.  Questscope is a non-profit group that works with disadvantaged youth and women in the Middle East, mostly in Amman, Jordan.  I have been there and have seen the incredible work they do.  For instance, in one major middle-east city the government has just asked them to take over the city’s juvenile detention center.  We want to share the love of God with that part of the world.
  • We will not be having a service this Sunday, the 27th.  We encourage everyone to do something special with family or friends.  Or have a special time of reflection on this year.  Or, just rest.

If you are traveling, be safe and be fun – especially to your family.  Bless them.