Chill. Relax. Lighten up.

Chill. Relax. Lighten up.

If someone says one of these things to you it is almost impossible to take their advice.

You may actually get mad at them.

Especially if you are working hard to get something done. You would rather that they recognize the importance of what you were doing, and then jump in and help out.

It may be the case that you are working so hard because they are not.

But, what if the person who tells you to chill is Jesus? Of all people, should not he appreciate your dedication?

This Sunday at the Gathering Church we continue On the Way: Traveling with Jesus, Luke 10:38:42.

We are following Jesus to Jerusalem, and on the way, we stop at a house, the home of Martha, which includes her brother Lazarus and her sister, Mary.

If you have heard the story once you remember it. Martha is super busy trying to be a good host to Jesus and those with him. Her work is even harder because Mary is not lifting a hand to help.

What happens when Martha asks Jesus to get Mary to be responsible?

Martha discovers what most people discover who try to get Jesus to serve their agenda.

She discovers that the issue is about her, not someone else.

Ever feel too busy to know what really needs to happen?

Ever get frustrated that you are having to do more than your share?

That life is not fair?

Ever need someone to help you re-focus?

One of the best things about gathering to worship God together is that we get to have Jesus speak into our lives.

And most of the time we will not even know what we need to hear until he speaks.

This Sunday, let’s come to listen.