Changing gears for this Sunday.

Changing gears for this Sunday.

I was going to do a Resetting Your Marriage message, but I am too distracted about current events.

Perhaps you are not, but I certainly am.

In preparation for the marriage message (which I will save for next Sunday), I was focusing on the foundational passage in Galatians 5:16-26 about how to live a truly spiritual life. The instruction repeated in the passage is Live by the Spirit – that is God’s Spirit, the Holy Spirit.

The challenge, it says, is that we seem more inclined to live by the flesh.

By the Spirit or by the flesh?

The choice has dramatic results. Mostly about our relationships with others.

So, here’s the thing: as I am looking at this passage I begin to realize that how I am relating to current national events seems to be more under the control of my flesh rather then God’s Spirit.

Whether you, yourself are upset, glad, confused, indifferent, fatigued, or cynical about current events – whatever, it may be a good time to hit the reset.

Are you living by the Spirit?

If not, guess what? The outcomes you experience personally as well as how others experience you are not going to be pretty. For anyone. Even if you manage to surround yourself only with people who cheer on your point of view. Your own personal Echo Chamber. Or, even if your point of view may be ‘right’.

This Sunday at the Gathering Church we are going to choose to live by God’s Spirit by Resetting Our Rules of Engagement.

How do people who seek to live by the guidance of God’s Spirit engage their world?

How do people who are filled with the Spirit express the fruit of the Spirit in their public lives?

Let’s learn this together.

I hope to see you this Sunday.


PS. Plan to stay for the Super Chili Cook-off.