Carol’s Story

Carol’s Story

Most of the best moments in the life of a pastor have nothing to do with what the pastor does.

The best moments are usually about what others do; what is done by those the pastor serves.

Like when someone tells you that they were introduced to faith in Christ by someone who attends the church.

That’s what a woman named Carol told me. She was excited about her new life with God and she said that she owed it to Leslie, a co-worker who told her how Jesus could help her to actually experience the reality of God’s love.

I have to admit that Carol’s story surprised me.

Leslie was the quietest person in the church. I had never heard her say a complete sentence. When I tried to speak with her, she would usually just smile and nod politely at anything I said.

But Leslie cared for Carol. For instance, she quietly listened every Monday morning to Carol’s debrief of  a typically wild and disastrous weekend. Leslie also knew how to explain what God had in mind for life.

This Sunday at the Gathering Church, we look at the story of Phillip, a relatively new Christian (which all of them were, of course) who knew how “to tell the good news of Jesus.” His story is found in Acts 8:26-40. We continue the series, Living in God’s Story.  Living in God’s Story includes being able to invite others to join the Story.

Do you know how?

Let’s find out this Sunday.