But, I Did

But, I Did

I didn’t feel like praying for anyone today.  Sorry.

I had the time.  But, I was distracted, preoccupied by other things.  I was really ready to engage some tasks and issues that were on my mind.

But, I prayed.

You know why?  Not because I felt like it.  Not because I’m a deeply spiritual person, because I’m not.

Simply put, I prayed because I had planned to.  Nothing more spiritual than that.  I didn’t pray so that I could blog about it.   I didn’t pray in order to be a good pastor.  I prayed because I had a plan that included a time, a place, and a list.

Not very inspiring.  But you know what?  It helped me love some people first thing this morning.  As a result, I’m going to contact some of them, see how they are doing.  And it helped me to check in with God in a honest, “Here’s all you got, God,” way. 

It’s a little embarrassing that it took nothing more than a plan to get me focused on God and others.  I thought I was more complicated than that.  Go figure.

Lord, help us to love people well by making good plans.  Help us to be proactive and live by vision and plan.  Help us to show up.