Bring Them On

Bring Them On

We had to stop and pray, so I hit the pause button on the remote.  Libby and I were so inspired that we had to talk to God about it.  You may think less of me when I tell you the source of our inspiration.

The season premier of American Idol.

I admit it.  I was inspired.  I came home from a meeting and Libby said, “You’ve got to see this Italian guy on American Idol.”  So, she restarted the recording and went to the spot where Amadeo DeRocco was introduced.  He’s a big, loud, passionate Italian from a big family in Providence, Rhode Island.  They showed his extended family gathering for their weekly family dinner that would rival anything served up in the North End in Boston.

The bigger-than-life personality that erupts out of this guy immediately won over the judges, even Simon Cowell.  When one judge said, “I can tell you really like people,” Amadeo responded, “Yeah, I don’t think there’s any reason to be men to people . . . . . . .  unless they deserve it.”  Perfect.

His passion was infectious, even transforming to those within range.  The producers certainly knew that they had a special moment on screen, thanks to Amadeo DeRocco.

I was inspired, well, actually, challenged to realize that such passion for life and people should characterize anyone who knows anything about God and God’s passion for people.  

I don’t know anything about Amadeo’s personal faith.  But, I do know that I would love to engage guys just like that with the source, the cause, and the object of the greatest passion ever – Jesus Christ.

So, we stopped and prayed.  And, my prayer included a confession, something like this.  “Lord, forgive me for being so cautious, so careful and circumspect that I don’t allow a passion for you and others to erupt and overwhelm my life with joy and with love.  Forgive me for living as if I’m in an audit, rather than in a song.  May I engage some over-the-top men and women who have no governor on their joy and passion." 

Bring them on, Lord.

(Today we are all so rocked by the devastating earthquake in Haiti, that we have more reason than ever to hit the pause button and pray.  I thought about not posting about Amadeo today, but wanted to not lose the prayer.)