Celebration This Sunday – Nov 8

Celebration This Sunday – Nov 8

This coming Sunday, the Gathering Church is having an open-door celebration, inviting folks to our new location and time at Creekside Elementary School, 5321 Ephesus Church Road, Durham, 10:30.

We have been getting adjusted to the new location and are excited about the opportunity to ‘go public’ and share our experience with others. New people who have come in these first warm-up weeks are saying that they have really been welcomed, that something good is happening here, and that it is easy to be part of it.

Having lunch together after the service means you get met and invited to know others. I love the sound of conversations that fill the school cafeteria. I love it that the conversations include all ages, and at the end there are kids playing with adults, becoming an extended family. I love the buzz of chatter before the services as people re-unite after busy weeks. People are hungry for God and hungry for grace-giving relationships.

I think that we are all eager for moments that have no other agenda than enjoying God’s blessing in others. We want to share the goodness of God like Jesus did. Of course, we have a lot to learn about that, and I’m sure that we will stumble along the way, but we have tasted just enough of God’s grace not to worry too much about ourselves as we invite others to a celebration.

If you are in the area, plan to join us this Sunday for a special service and a great lunch. Tell someone else about it. Bring someone with you.