April 8 – Easter

April 8 – Easter

Every Easter it occurs to me:

How strange it is that we have this big celebration about someone who lived over two thousand years ago in a culture totally alien to us.

That people still today claim to be his followers.

That people still today claim that this person changed their life.

How is it that anyone is still talking about Jesus?

The tomb was empty.

“He is risen.”

What’s the most compelling evidence that it was true?

The change in the lives of the followers of Jesus and those who would believe their message.

This Sunday the Gathering Church will have a great celebration of the resurrection life of Jesus Christ. It’s a life we not only celebrate, but a life we experience.

Invite someone to share the celebration with you.

They will be glad you did.

Oh, yeah. The kids will have an Easter Egg Hung. 1,000 eggs. So, bring a bunch of kids.