An Answer to Prayer

An Answer to Prayer

Have you ever been the answer to someone’s prayers?

I mean you.  Not someone else.

Probably, but perhaps you didn’t know it at the time.

But someone left a conversation or encounter with you and they felt better.  They were encouraged because you had been interested in how they were doing.

You did not try to fix them.  You had just been present.

Hopefully you know what it is like to be encouraged by someone else.  Although the pace of our lives reduces us to skimmers, water-bug people who just skim across the surface of life, never pausing for meaningful encounters, or diving in.

This Sunday at the Gathering Church, you will be invited to be encouragers from Hebrews 10:23-25Greg Moyer, the chairman of the Leadership Team of the church, will be teaching from this passage.

Professionally, Greg is a test engineer for the John Deere Company.  He gets to do all sorts of neat things to make sure that big commercial mowers are working well.  He’s all about quality control.  He has a big heart for quality when it comes to the potential of relationships.  It’s going to be a special Sunday.

What happens when we have a greater capacity to give and to receive meaningful encouragement? Maybe you don’t need encouragement.  How about challenge?  What happens when we receive the kind of challenge from others that elevates our lives from settled, status-quo living.

We become alive.

This Sunday.