Am I missing something?

Am I missing something?

As I prepare for this Sunday, where we will look at Mark 1:21-39, I am finding it hard to keep my feet on solid ground. The text is bubbling with creative tension. 

Have you ever been in a situation where you just knew something was going to happen, someone was going to blow up? Maybe it is was a wedding, or a business meeting, or a class on some divisive topic. Everyone in the room waits with bated breath until the inevitable happens. The tension turns into outright conflict and no one is able to ignore it anymore.

The scene in the synagogue is a little bit like that. For 20 verses Mark's Gospel has piled symbol on top of symbol until the narrative can no longer bear the burden of it all. 

Here is the question moving forward: Is Jesus simply healing people who are sick or mentally disturbed? If so, then why did the authorities want to kill him?

These "miracle" stories are about much more than meets the eye.  The implication of Jesus' actions carry meaning far beyond the simple act of exorcism or healing. 

God, gives us eyes that see and ears that hear what you are doing in the world through Jesus the Messiah. Give us courage to follow. Amen.