A Way of Making Our Lives Less Predictable

A Way of Making Our Lives Less Predictable

“If all it takes to explain your life is sociology then you may not be a new creation.”

I’ll never forget these words, not just because of the content but because of the speaker who said them.

Emmanuel Katangole, a Roman Catholic priest from Uganda was the guest speaker at our church that day. His presence proved his point because according to sociology he should not have been there. Ironically, he was speaking on a passage from the book of Galatians, one of the Net Testament books that had launched the Protestant Reformation.

His point?

People who follow Jesus and have their lives changed no longer fit so easily in predictable categories defined by social demographics.

At the Gathering Church this Sunday, we will see an example of how the apostles of Jesus could not be explained apart from what they had experienced with Jesus. Check out Acts 4:1-31 as the message series, Living in God’s Story continues. Peter and John get in trouble with the authorities. Their crime? Healing a man in the name of Jesus.

When it is possible to categorize someone it is easy to dismiss them. Their life is easily explained.

Jesus has a way of making our lives less predictable. Lives that stand out and cannot be ignored or avoided.

And good things happen.