A Waste of Time to Fight Against God

A Waste of Time to Fight Against God

“Looking back I wish I had trusted more in the sovereignty of God,”

said a 72-year-old friend over lunch one day.

“I lived with way more stress than was necessary because I didn’t trust that God was in control.”

This friend, to this day is still a significant leader in the state of North Carolina and his career included many high-profile responsibilities. He’s been in charge of a lot. Still is.

But, he’s learned to trust God with what’s going on around him.

This Sunday at the Gathering Church, we continue the message series, Living in God’s Story.  The focus will be on Acts 5:12-42. There’s a lot of drama in the passage as the apostles of Jesus are once again arrested and this time even threatened with death. One of the wisest principles ever stated comes out in the passage. Surprisingly, not by one of the good guys.

What is it?

It’s a waste of time to fight against God.

Guess what?

The only alternative to living in God’s story is to fight against God. Anybody in recovery knows that. And Rick Warren says that there are only two kinds of people: those in recovery and those who need to be in recovery.

When we are buried in stress, frustration, disappointment, failed attempts to control others how can we know whether or not we are fighting against God?

We’ll learn something from a rabbi this week.