A New Step

A New Step

Sometimes God surprises us with an opportunity.

Unforeseen.  Not planned.

But those surprises usually require a new step of faith.

An opportunity has been presented to the GatheringChurch to establish a ministry in the Lakewood Community of Durham.  The Yates Baptist Association and Lakewood Baptist Church have offered the use of the building and property of the Church, which concluded its services this past Easter Sunday after a hundred and two years of ministry there.

The Leadership Team of the Gathering Church has prayerfully evaluated the possibilities of serving the Lakewood Community and believes that the best opportunity is to begin a new congregation there, led by Chris Breslin.  Input has been gathered from other leaders in the church and this Sunday the vision will be presented in order to can gather input from the congregation.

As our study of the New Testament book of Acts continues, this Sunday’s passage is Acts 16:6-10.  It describes how the Apostle Paul and his companions responded to an opportunity that God presented.  It is one thing to study Acts, and quite another to step into the story as we seek God’s guidance.

Be part of discovering what God is doing.