A Mothers’ Day PSA + “Judge Not” this Sunday!

A Mothers’ Day PSA + “Judge Not” this Sunday!

Take a few minutes out of your life to listen to these important and wise words from a very important “spokesman of our generation”…

In all seriousness, this Sunday we’ll celebrate our moms, and we’ll also spend some time in prayer for those whom Mothers’ Day is less than a cheerful occasion.

Join us as we continue in chapter seven of Matthew’s Gospel and “Jesus’ teaching on living well.”  After talk about money and worry, the lilies and the birds, Jesus digs in on one of the most common and slippery ailments to the human condition: judgment.

Think you don’t judge?  I bet you judge other people for being judgmental!

Join us as we investigate just what Jesus is teaching us about himself and life with him in his Kingdom!