A Great Day!

A Great Day!

The first Sunday in a new location and at a new time was a great day for the Gathering Church.

We had a good turnout to Creekside Elementary for the service and lunch. It was great to hear the sound of people singing in the cafeteria. And the buzz of chatter during lunch as people enjoyed getting to know one another was, well, perfect.

“There is a good feeling about this,” said a first-time guest, looking around as he prepared to eat lunch.

It felt like old-school church where people were part of a growing family, where you knew others, and people were interested to know you. I can’t tell you how much it pumps me up to see people enjoying God, and enjoying one another.

And, I’m still a sucker for kids. Seeing a four-year-old step out in the aisle towards the front, lightly bouncing on his feet with the worship music was great. I like it when kids speak up and cheer at the end of a song. They get it – the joy of being there, the joy of the music. Enthusiasm, welcome, acceptance – they are very contagious. And you can’t manufacture those things. They have to be real.

God is doing a good thing. It’s a privilege to be part of it.