A Good Life

A Good Life

This Sunday at the Gathering Church the series A Good Life will conclude.  It has been a study of Romans 12, one chapter from the letter written to Christians in Rome.  It paints a great picture of the kind of life for which most people would wish in their quiet and sane moments.

There is a difference between The Good Life and A Good Life.  One is about personal achievement and the other is about character.  One is about power and the other is about surrender.  One is about control and the other is about service.  One urgently screams for our dedication every day and the other can only be heard through stillness.

Any time people gather in the presence of God and one another for worship, there is incredible potential to escape the tyranny of a false life and be renewed in the direction of a truly good life.

But how can we best stay on track?

And what do we do when we get derailed?