Curt Lowndes

Curt Lowndes

Associate Pastor

I am a graduate of Georgetown College (KY) and Duke Divinity School, and previously served as the Pastor of First Baptist Church of Morehead, KY, worked in a public school system, for Habitat for Humanity, and in a small consulting firm.

During and after graduate school at Duke I served on the Leadership Team of the Gathering Church, have preached, worked in the GC Kids ministry and co-hosted a Home Group.

My wife, Jenny, and I are both from small towns in Kentucky. I grew up in Pikeville, and she grew up in Brandenburg. We met in college and married in 2007. Jenny graduated from the University of Kentucky’s Nursing School and is an experienced neonatal nurse (including in the NICU at Duke Hospital), but is currently a full-time mom to our daughters, Eloise (2012) and Olive (2014).

We love cheering for the Kentucky Wildcats and Atlanta Braves, traveling to the mountains, having dance parties in our living room, and enjoying Saturday morning family breakfast.

Durham means many things to us: amazing food, diverse culture, incredible music, Pelican’s sno-balls, our struggle with infertility, but also the birth of our first daughter. Ultimately, the people in Durham, the community we grew to love and who loved us in return, are what make this place special to us. Durham is so much more than a city; it’s a family.